Watching online movies is one of the amazing things that people are doing in a pandemic situation. And this is the only thing that people have done to spend their quality time. You must be aware of Seven Torrents; it is a fantastic platform that allows you to watch your favorite movies, games, software, ebooks, and an episode of your TV shows.

Finding Torrent sites nowadays is one of the most challenging things that people may face. As there is a lack of websites that offer HD quality at low rates and most importantly download opportunity. Sometimes, we face internet issue that’s led us to wait until buffering. And this is the only thing we hate doing. But don’t worry, here we have focused on the 12 best alternatives of Seven Torrents that will help us to choose if we get any difficulty while using this site.

seven torrents

Pirate Bay

No one can beat Seven Torrents more effectively than Pirate Bay. It is one that founded in Sweden in 2000. More than millions of users are founded on this platform who watches their favorite TV show, movie, music, documentaries, and e-book. Instead of having a good reputation, this website is a ban in many countries like Germany, Greece, Denmark, and Ireland.

The Pirate Bay has been the gold standard when it comes to torrenting. The site has helped millions of individuals the world over to gain access to the latest music, tv shows, music, games and software tools. The latest version, is one of the hottest torrenting platforms in the industry that has become a favourite of the free internet community. 

YIFY Torrent

Another best website that we can see is YIFY Torrent. It is famous because it provides HD quality movies with the smallest file size. In terms of content, quality, and downloading speed, this site will definitely give the best competition to other sites.


For the great alternate of Seven Torrents, ZooQLE is known as the newcomer in the industry. No matter, it’s a late platform in the streaming websites; Zooqle has a lot to offer in the form of a massive database of verified torrents. It has been predicted that this website will be the perfect and unique site for the industry that will indeed offer plenty of things for users.

Sky Torrents

Of course, watching a show that provides security and privacy is one of the important things to keep in mind. And for this, Sky Torrents is the finest choice to see. Although it has limited series and movies, its quality has inspired many of the people who are using it.

Torrents.IO may not look attractive with it’s a feature, but it is known as the primary website for the users. It is divided into different categories from which you can select the favorite show you want to watch. Of course, it is one of the most satisfying sites that you will love to use after Seven Torrents.


SeedPeer is the perfect choice to see when it comes to Seven Torrents. It offers pleasant, user-friendly, UI, and functionality. The most amazing thing regarding the site is that it is neatly categorized and subcategorized for convenient users.

seven torrents


The Torlock is also a great alternative to the Seven Torrents. The website’s owner is really confident about their paying facility of $1 for fake and unverified torrent on the website that users find. If you think that this site will limit its source, then it’s not true. TorLock offers tons of safe, reliable, fast torrents of movies and TV shows. Another great thing about the website is the number of daily active users present on the site every day, which makes this website worth checking out.


EZTV is the most popular website amongst many sites. It is now on the top 1000 websites on Alexa. The site is famous because of the massive series database. You can create your own account on EZTV so that you can save your favorite show for your spare time. You will be definitely inspired by its features, layout, and design of the website. So, take the necessary information from the website and enjoy your time with it.


LimeTorrents is also the most popular website of the industry as it is free to use and people are enjoying connecting with it. The website offers a database of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and much more. It includes tons of content variety and simple to use for users. LimeTorrent is available on different Official URL extensions including – .asia, .zone, .co, and .com. So, you can enjoy your time by downloading the show that you want to watch.


If you are one of them who is interested in downloading the shows, movies, and documentaries that you can watch without any buffering issue, then obviously it is a perfect choice. However, it is the new website in the industry, but now it has become one of the popular and largest sites for free torrents. So, you can use it as an alternate of the Seven Torrents to spend a fantastic time with the family, friends, or the loved on

seven torrents


A file list is also an option that you can select when it comes to the alternate of seven torrents. You will definitely inspire using the platform as it includes all the best opportunities that a persona looks for. You will find the best features, design, and of course the collection of movies, TV shows, music, and more. Enjoy your quality time by watching such a series whenever you want.


Lastly, have a must look at Zamunda. It is also a great site to choose when you are looking for alternatives to Seven Torrents. Check out the interior designs, categories, and features of the website. It has great downloading speed, high quality, HD quality of the show, and many more. What more a person looks for. Isn’t it?


Here I have discussed the top 12 websites that are fascinating to watch the HD quality movies, TV series, Documentary, Music, and many more. There are also many websites that you will find on Google with different specific features and designs. So, don’t forget to download the shows for the weekend and bring some snacks at home and enjoy your time by spending some quality time with HD quality movie shows.
Stay Safe Stay Home and Healthy!

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