Your years’ old favorite carpet is getting older by day, with wear, tears, and fading out forcing you to consider carpet removal. It would be such a shame to throw out such a beauty considering the damage thrown out carpets cause to the environment. Therefore, there are so many fun and creative ways in which you can upcycle your old carpet. However, if you’re tired of your carpet, then look for professional service to help you out with carpet removal and disposal.

Redecorate Your Space after Carpet Removal

Beautify Your Walls

Hang your well-cut carpet on the wall to give it a vintage look. Find matching pillows to compliment the deco, giving pride to your living.

Make a Doormat

Cut the old carpet into a nice rectangular small size. You can even draw a welcome sign on the mat using a stencil.

Protect Your House, Floor, and Walls

Use the Carpet to Move Heavy Furniture

Moving heavy furniture around your house can cause great damage. This is especially hardwood floors causing you to rethink rearranging your house. Your old carpet can be very helpful in this situation.

Cut the carpet into small square pieces and place them under the legs of a heavy chair, table, or cupboard. Just like that, you can now glide the furniture without destroying your precious floors.

Prevent Spillage into the Floors from Overwatering Plants

Save your floors by cutting up old carpet scarps and placing them under your potted plants. This way, when for some reason you overwater your plants, the carpet soaks the excess spill. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the floors getting damaged.

Cover Your Workshop or Space

Placing an old rug on the floor underneath your working benches can help to protect both the tools and floor from unwanted damage. Moreover, this helps when the tools are accidentally dropped.

Make Your Floors Comfortable After Carpet Removal

Use the Old Carpet as a Cushion for Your Knees

Working on your knees for long periods can affect them. For example, looking under the fridge or cabinets for something you dropped, scrubbing out a stain on the floor following carpet removal, or gardening outside. Therefore, make this a less painful ordeal by using cutouts from your old carpet to cushion your knees from the hard ground or floor.

Cut Out an Exercise Mat

Don’t throw out your carpet post carpet removal. Cut the right size for your exercise mat to provide comfort while doing floor exercises. Moreover, this is convenient, as you can roll it up and store it in your closet when not in use.

Make a Playing Area for Your Kids

Hardwood floors, tiles, or outside decks can be uncomfortable for children to play on. Placing a piece of well-cut carpet on the floor makes the experience more pleasant, marking out a great play area for your beloved children and grandchildren to play with their toys and solve puzzles for hours at ease.

Life Hacks for Your Car

Make Car Mats for Your Car

Keep your car clean by carefully crafting your old carpet into car mats. When they get too dirty from the beach sand or winter snow depending on the season, you can either wash or throw them out and make more.

Protect Your Car Doors from Scratches or Damage

If you are poor at parking and mostly do it too close to your garage walls, save your doors from costly repairs by attaching strips of carpets on the wall to cushion the doors when you open them. This will prevent denting or dinging of the doors.

Get Traction for Your Car

Carpet removal can be a lifesaver in situations e.g. when you get stuck in mud or snow. Use these scraps to get traction and head home in minutes.

Stop Your Windscreen from Freezing Over

Save you the time used to defrost the car just before work or school in the morning. Carefully cut a piece that fits your windscreen, and place it overnight on the screen in the winter to minimize the freezing effect.

Provide a Gardening Solution

Use It to Make a Compost Pit

How and why? After adding all the compost pit ingredients such as vegetable wastes, weeds, soft pruning from flowers, and lawn mowing, he recommends chucking an old piece of carpet over the top to prevent the sun’s rays from scoring it,

Provide the Ideal Lining for Your New Pond

Simply cut it into a size of best fit. Place the cut piece of the carpet at the bottom of the pond just before the waterproof sheet is fitted.

Care for Your Animals

Improve Your Pet’s Spaces

Treat your all-time friend and pet to a warm and cozy home. Carpets make snug mats and bedding for animals. Attach small pieces to inside walls during winter when temperatures drop in dog kennels and Catteries to provide insulation.

Final Thoughts

The list of crafts you can come up with from your old carpet is endless depending on your creativity. Also, if you, however, don’t wish to upcycle your carpet, kindly give it to recyclers through carpet removal. Finally, this is to save the environment from the billions of synthetic carpets thrown into landfills annually. And take thousands of years to decompose fully.

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