What’s a mistake? Some say they are invaluable for teaching us what we need to discover. Then again, many avoid them like the plague. Regardless of your beliefs, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little boost of advice before launching a project, particularly a marketing campaign. For such an operation, you’ll find that a free video maker is your biggest ally. Check out this website to give you an overview of what type of videos you can create and the quality of the templates available. 

Avoiding 8 Free Video Maker Mistakes 

There are two schools of thought when it comes to online video marketing. Some favor the softer trial and error approach that they then evolve in response to feedback and analytics. Others though go with bolder and more daring content for their first video although they’ll also monitor their campaign. Regardless of how you design your content, here are some key pointers for avoiding classic mistakes: 

1- Too Plain and Boring 

It sounds obvious but you need to make your online video interesting and engaging with quality videos. Showing your brand through a story can be particularly powerful. Alternatively, consider creating characters or using original music that’s catchy. Don’t forget that you can also look at what your competitors are doing before video editing. This isn’t to steal their ideas but to help you work out what not to do and therefore how to be different. 

2- Lengthy

Research shows that most people decide whether they’re going to keep watching a video within the first 2 to 3 seconds. Then, anything longer than 5 minutes tends to be ignored although the optimum time seems to be around 2 to 3 minutes. Of course, you need to make the length work for you and whatever it is you’re showing. Nevertheless, remember, before you get started, that shorter is better. 

3- Too Pushy 

The last thing anyone wants to watch in an online video is a sales pitch. What they do want to see though is how your product or service is going to help remove any of life’s frustrations. Then again, if your clips can leave people smiling and happier than they were a minute before watching your video then you’ve done something right. As you might expect, smiling faces of people and cute animals tend to do the trick when it comes to creating warm and fuzzy feelings. 

Clearly, you can’t force those images if they don’t correspond to your brand though. In that case, you’ll need to be creative and think about what could work for your project. Another option is to search through the large libraries of video templates offered by your free video maker by using your keyword. You’ll soon have a range of creative and effective templates to choose from that are relevant for your campaign. From there, it’s easy to create stunning videos for your business.

4- Lacking Strategy and Focus 

Successful marketing videos have a clear message and leave the audience knowing exactly what they’re going to do next. That could be as simple as signing up for the newsletter or sharing the video. Whatever it is, make sure it’s obvious and that the overall message will work for your target audience. It’s important that you have at least a high-level idea of what type of person will be interested in your brand. This also allows you to customize your video template with whatever features might appeal to your audience. Don’t forget also that many video editor platforms have a stock of photos and music for you to include if you wish.

5- No Subtitles

This one might sound odd but people are increasingly watching videos on their mobiles in public and therefore on silent. You might also have noticed that Facebook’s software settings are set such that any video plays on mute unless you change the sound. Therefore, subtitles become critical although you can easily add these with your video editing options.

6- Poor Quality 

Image Source – Unsplash.com

There’s nothing worse than watching average-quality online videos these days. Moreover, there’s no excuse anymore to not have professional quality when you create videos. Smartphone cameras these days are very high spec. Moreover, any free video maker offers you high-quality video templates and yet, people still post average videos online. Of course, it’s easy to drag and drop your content into your video editor but whilst the tool is awesome, it can’t create miracles. The more you start with good quality then the better your output will be for when you’re ready to download your video.

7- Not Using Data Analytics 

As mentioned, it’s useful to have an initial idea of who you’re targeting with your online video. Whilst your online video maker tool knows what templates work for various keywords, it can’t guess your target customer. Therefore, look up your website’s analytics and check out your competitors and who follows them. This will give you a good starting point when you make a video. Then the video editor is easy to use whether you’re on Mac or windows.

8- Ignoring SEO 

You can’t just make videos, post them and hope for the best. It’s important that you also do everything you can to direct people to your video. Clearly, you can share it on social media and through emails but don’t forget your SEO. Google obviously has best practices that you can follow to rate as high as possible in their rankings. Then again, so does YouTube. You’ll also find that people are more likely to share videos on Facebook that have fun or interesting thumbnails. 

Parting Words on Making Successful Marketing Videos with a Free Video Maker

An online video maker tool guarantees you a quality video. Moreover, the templates can even help you stay focused and concise. Before you jump in though, know your audience, make your video interesting with easy-to-read subtitles and optimize it for search engines. That also means that you need the right video format that’s easy to share and doesn’t take forever to load. Last but not least, make your brand memorable and recognizable with some awesome content and relevant templates. You can then expect a gradual increase in traffic as your online video grows in popularity.

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