What is Fashion Designing?

Fashion designing is the art of developing a new idea of creating clothes and accessories. As we all know, Fashion designing changes as the era evolves with time. For example, now, people wear a dress, or hoodies like vlone friends hoodie, or three-piece suits, jeans, t-shirts. These are all things that fashion designers make and create.

Creative people want to get into the industry as fashion designers.  Creativity, discipline, passion, and courage will help you in pursuing your goal or dream. Although, you may have the basic knowledge and designing skills you need to polish those skills to become excellent at your dream job.

For entrepreneurs, fashion designing fields become easier to get into. In contrast, you are going to be a graduate or undergraduate. Besides, some designers turn to fashion designing after establishing themselves in other ways like acting, singing, rapping, etc. Much like owners of Vlone that are running the vlone clothing for sale brand.

As we all know, the USA produces some of the most famous designers globally. Such as Vera Wang, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Betsey Johnson, Ralph Lauren, and Michael Kors. Thus, many people wish to learn fashion designing at universities in America. 

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Hence, here are the top 10 universities for fashion students in the US. Hopefully, you can find a university that fits well with you and can help you hone your skills.

  • Fashion Institute of Technology

Max Meyer and Mortimer C. Ritter founded the Fashion Institute of Technology in 1944. It is a fashion school in Manhattan, New York City. Additionally, it is part of the State University of New York (SUNY). First and foremost, they offer art, business and design, and mass communication. As well as technology courses connected to the fashion industry. 

  • Fashion degrees: BFA, BS

2. Parson School of Design

Parson School of Design is a private design institute. Formed by William Merritt Chase in 1896. This is located in Greenwich Village in New York City. People recognize this esteemed institution as a famous college in the USA for fashion. In addition to that, even as one of the world’s most well-known colleges. They offer many courses in fashion designing, interior designing, graphic designing, and many more.

  • Fashion degrees: BFA

3. Pratt Institute

Pratt Institute is number 3 on our list, a famous university founded by Charles Pratt in 1887. It is a fashion school with branches in Brooklyn and Manhattan. As well as in Utica, New York City. Although, it is the best college of designers and researchers related to the fashion industry. However, it also offers a large number of courses in architecture, designing, and many other subjects.

  • Fashion degrees: BFA

4.Kent State University

John Lowry founded Kent State University in 1910. It is located in Kent, Ohio. Notably, they produce prominent alumni in the fashion industry yearly. Moreover, they are offering different courses in fashion designing and in the fashion merchandising field. 

  • Fashion degrees: BA, BFA, BS/MBA.

5.Academy of Art University 

Richard S. Stephens founded the Academy of Art University (AAU), earlier Academy of Art College, and Richard Stephens Academy of Art in 1929. It is a private for-profit art school located in Sac Francesco, California. Additionally, it offers many other options for majoring besides fashion designing as well.

 6. Columbus College of Art & Design

Columbus College of Art & Design was developed by Walt Disney and Roy O. Disney in 1961. It is located in Columbus, Ohio. More importantly, for aspirants who want to become fashion designers and fashion forecasters, it is the leading university in the USA. Moreover, they are offering BFA and MFA in fashion designing.

7. Savannah College of Art and Design

The Savannah College of Art and Design is a private art school. Moreover, it is number 7 on our list. Interestingly, it has four founders; Paula Wallace, Richard G. Rowan, Paul E. Poetter, and May L. Poetter. Additionally, it offers an excellent designing course. All with the help of experienced professors. 

  • Fashion degrees: BFA, MFA

8. Marist College 

Marist College is Formed by Morish Brothers, a private liberal college in Poughkeepsie, New York, established in 1905.  Marish offers several fashion design courses including BFA and BS in Fashion designing.

9. Otis College of Art and Design

Harrison Gray Otis founded Otis College of Art and Design. It is a private design and art school in LOS Angeles, California. Moreover, it was established in 1918. They offer a BFA degree in design. Furthermore, this institution is also committed to sustainability in fashion. Hence, this is a perfect fit for people who love the environment.

  • Fashion degrees: BFA
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10. Iowa State University

Governor Ralph P. Lowe founded Iowa State University. He established it in 1918, in Ames, IA. Students can get a degree BS in merchandising, apparel, and design. Thus, here you can learn how to create merch like vlone friends hoodie


To develop a fashion designing career as a fashion designer, you must think like a creative, choose wisely, if it is for university, or invent something. Because Fashion designing Is the art of upgrading fashion sense, creating new ideas in the time being. Top-rated universities are mentioned above; they are offering fashion designing courses in Bachelors, and as well Masters. Under the qualified and experienced teachers. 

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