Elizabeth is a member of a typical Groveland, Massachusetts family. She had no idea that she would wed a celebrity. Elizabeth has stated in interviews that she had an ordinary childhood like any other American child. Elizabeth was a sweet little girl who spent most of her youth playing with her soft toys, her classmates from school, and her neighbors. She attended elementary school in Groveland, Massachusetts, her hometown. Elizabeth graduated from one of the top American institutions after earning her bachelor’s degree from Springfield College.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Career, Jobs & Profession

Elizabeth’s employment history isn’t well-documented online. Post-divorce from John Cena, she had cut ties with the spotlight. She was a real estate agent before her divorce. Apparently, even after their divorce, she will continue to work as a real estate salesperson.
For the sake of her profession, she relocated to Florida. Her career as a real estate agent was quite successful. She allegedly founded her own company, according to another report. The name of the business and other crucial information, however, were never made public or made known.

Her duties as a real estate agent are restricted to building, business renovation, trading, purchasing, and selling. Elizabeth has reportedly worked for Fly Faraway Travel Agency in the past, according to her former Facebook profile. She joined the entertainment profession, although she didn’t appear in any films or TV shows.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Net Worth, Income Source & Salary

Elizabeth earns a respectable living as a real estate salesperson. She raised millions of dollars through her divorce from ex-husband John Cena, according to sources. According to the numbers that have surfaced, John Cena gave Elizabeth a divorce settlement of around $52 million. Elizabeth Huberdeau currently has a net worth of about $55 million. Her divorce settlement with John Cena accounts for the majority of her total wealth. With such wealth, she might be leading an opulent life.


John Felix Anthony Cena, sometimes known as John Cena, wed Elizabeth Huberdeau. Online sources claim that John Cena, Liz’s now-divorced husband, and they were high school sweethearts. The couple married on July 11, 2009, after dating for several years. However, the couple separated less than five years after their wedding ceremony. They were married in a secret ceremony in Boston, Massachusetts, with only a select group of friends and family present. Liz Cena and her husband John Cena filed for divorce on May 1, 2012. They divorced in July 2012 and decided to only stay friends.

The couple does not currently have any children together, and we were unable to find out whether Elizabeth Huberdeau had children after the divorce. Since her breakup with John Cena, Liz Cena has become increasingly distant from the media. Since her divorce, she has not been in the news and has not opened a social media account either.

John Cena, though, moved on and decided to wed Shay Shariatzadeh in 2020 at a lawyer’s office in Tampa, Florida, before hosting a wedding reception in Vancouver, Canada. Shay attended the University of British Columbia from 2008 to 2013 and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronics engineering. She was born in Iran in 1989. Keep the focus of the article on Liz

How Does Life After Celebrity Looks Like

Elizabeth’s public profile declined after the divorce. She also doesn’t post anything about her personal or professional life on social media, as she doesn’t have a public profile on any of the well-known websites. Having relocated to Florida, she is now concentrated on her work as a prosperous real estate broker and owner/manager of her own business. According to rumors, she makes a respectably good salary as a real estate agent and can therefore afford to live a nearly opulent lifestyle.

It appears that she is succeeding in her personal life as well. She appears like she is truly enjoying her partner’s company in photos of her and her boyfriend, Eli Ayoub, that have just surfaced online. On the other hand, John Cena recently ended his relationship with Nikki Bella, his ex-fiancée, whom he had been dating four months after their divorce. A tweet from Cena’s profile altered everything. It read: “Happiness is attained by living your life, your way.” Many predicted that they would wed soon. Remember that although some people may disagree with your actions or decisions, it is YOUR life, not theirs. Go forth, live, and be content. This can be interpreted as a formal separation announcement.

After all this, Elizabeth is seen as an example of a strong and independent woman who knew how to overcome the obstacles in her life. The fact that she practically began a new and totally different life after her divorce makes one feel even more appreciation of her.

Personal Life

The United States of America’s West Newbury, Massachusetts, is where Elizabeth Huberdeau was born. She gives her career her all. She began modeling for that reason, and she later started a business. The divorced Huberdeau is a woman. Elizabeth and John Cena attended the same college. It’s likely that they were dating when they were in college and that they later met. No one of them made it known. When John Cena was promoting his film “12 Rounds” in 2009, he made a public announcement about his marriage to Elizabeth Huberdeau. After many years of dating, they were about to get married. In 2009, they pursued a similar goal in Boston, Massachusetts. They announced their divorce in 2012.

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