Children are the most loving, innocent, and precious in the whole world. They never lie. Pure heart cuties so that’s why the whole globe celebrates a day for them. The government has notified individuals to celebrate Children’s day every year to raise awareness regarding children’s life. Every country celebrates on different dates. In 1925, International Children’s Day was first proclaimed on child welfare. Mostly this beautiful day celebrates on 20th November in most countries. 

Moreover, people worldwide celebrate children’s day on 20th November each year to encourage calm, peace, unity, and awareness between kids. It is an important date because in 1959 when the UN General Assembly adopted “the convention on the rights of the child”. World’s children day gives each of us encouragement to promote, celebrate children’s rights. 

Children’s Day In India

Children’s Day In India
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Every year Indian celebrates children’s day on 14th November as a tribute to India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who was born on the day. Children’s day is celebrated on the birthday of the first prime minister. The one who worked day and night for the building of the nation. His immense love for children showed how much a child is important for the nation. He was known as Nehru Ji or chacha Ji. 

India started celebrating this day in 1959. Internationally, people celebrated children’s day on 24 November. But later on in India, inhabitants celebrated it on the birthday of Nehru Ji. It was to pay tribute to the great legend and the one who worked really hard for the children of the nation. Pandit Nehru’s true affection towards children is the biggest reason why everyone calls him “Chacha Nehru”. The kids in schools read Nehru’s book, stories about his love for kids on Indian history and world history. Also, shown on TV series.

Furthermore, Indians celebrate the children’s day to raise awareness of the rights, care, and education of kids. Nehru is famous for his immense love, affection towards children and advocated for children to have fulfilled education which is very important for every person now in the fast-moving world. 

Ways Of Celebration

On this day, many educational institutes and TV shows held educational and motivational programs in the whole of India for children. Children day celebrates to build their coming generation a better version of themselves. It is our responsibility towards our children to set the best direction to build their future. The main purpose of celebrating children’s day to educate citizens about the rights of children because children are the main source of making better and well-organized and wealthy nations and it all depends on the future of the children.

Recent Initiatives

In 2000, the Millennium Development Goals highlighted some points in which they said the basic goals of this is concerning the children. UNICEF has dedicated majorly six of eight aims that take the needs of the kids into account so that the sum up majorly focuses on the rights of the children. Internationally, it is celebrating awareness of human rights, their medical care, education, and upbringing. 

Moreover, internationally mostly countries give their country children pocket money to their parents for their upbringing, their education, their health care of the child till the child becomes 18 years old and then, after that he or she is responsible for themselves.

Recently, in September 2012, the general secretary of the United Nations took the initiative for kid education. Initially, He wants every child of the country to attend school and then focuses on making rules for the betterment of education to give peace, respect, and a good environment where every child can easily study for a better future.

Role Of Welfares

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In the whole world, every welfare those who are mainly working for the children celebrate this day very beautifully to promote the message of peace. Additionally, for the awareness of the rights of the children. Mainly, for those who have to go through the pain of abuse, biases, and discrimination. Furthermore, facing minor conflicts, attacks on schools, the killing of children, and many more crimes are quite painful for children.

How much every child of the country is important for the whole country’s development economically because the new generation means children of this era are easily adopted new inventions and technology-friendly and their fast-moving brains can invent many unique things which we cannot even imagine right now.


Individuals celebrate children’s day like all other festivals, to tell children about their worth. So, this day is a reminder to all the people that education, nurturing is every child’s right. They deserve a better life no matter if it’s a boy or a girl. As they are the building blocks of every nation. Every nation’s future depends on its children. 

Hence, it is important how we look up or bring up children. Even, their happiness matters. To give them a healthy life physically or mentally they deserve everything. We need to strive hard and try to make them happy by giving a little to the kids around. Especially, for those parents and guardians who can’t afford to give their children a better education. As something of what you have can make their lives happier. 

Thus, every nation must look upon their children and their abilities. As every kid has his own ability to perform and act. The one should be guided well, taught well, and held in their backs so that they can do their best in the future. This day brings awareness to all children around India and the globe. Especially those kids who have been through hard or tough times.


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