8 Tips to Improve your Writing Skills

When you are writing, it’s not what you say, but how you say it matters a lot. Every writer has his own writing style, different from others. Every good writing style must have a few elements in common such as, direct language, short sentences, and interesting information to attract readers. While you should preserve your unique tone, there are certain things that you can do to improve your writing skills. Arranging words and crafting a story uniquely alone can make a huge difference.

What did you write today? An email, an assignment, or blogs for a website that says Write for us? Well, proper writing skills in English are just as important as speaking in English. But how do you practice writing? Don’t worry, because this guide is here with 8 tips on how you can improve your writing skills.

  1. Start Reading

While this may sound ordinary, it is a great way to start. This is the first step towards a better writing style. Most writers are also keen readers. Simply read whatever you like daily. You’ll subconsciously pick up things that can have an impact on your writing. Explore different styles, voices, as well as forms of writing.

Learning doesn’t have to be boring. Choose what you like. For instance, if you have an interest in art and home decor, search Home Decor – Write For Us. Next, get your hands on articles and content related to this niche.

  1. Master Spellings

Writing is all about exploring. English is a broad language that you must keep learning. However, it can sometimes get confusing. Such as desert and dessert sound the same. But, one is a dry place like Sahara while the other is something sweet to eat. Therefore, you must learn how to differentiate words that look and sound alike but have different meanings.

You can find various websites that say “Write for us” Blog on the internet. Learn, write, explore, and master spellings today. Think of ways how you can correctly spell words without relying on technology and autocorrect.

  1. Learn New Vocabulary

When you want to attract readers, proper vocabulary and words are necessary. But this doesn’t mean using lofty words from the dictionary. All you need to do is to use familiar vocabulary with a focus on simple and direct words. Use a thesaurus if you need to find a replacement for a word.

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  1. Use a Conversational Tone

The writing style of a writer reflects their personality. It relies on its unique style. Writers must communicate their thoughts and ideas as per their comfort zone. In short, writing in a natural, conversational tone is the key. Write just as how you’d converse. Besides, it’s advisable to write on topics that you have command on.

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  1. Play the Devil’s Advocate

While writing, you may have to express an opinion that you don’t agree with. What will you do in such a condition? That’s when you need to play the devil’s advocate. For example, you’re writing a ‘for and against’ essay, you’ll need to learn how to convey messages from a different point of view.

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  1. Make an Outline

Before you start typing, make a list of the facts and figures that you need to mention. This is the best tip when writing for a business. No matter big or small, every business has a precious map to follow as a guideline. It prevents writers from deviating from the topic.

Make sure to make the most of the opportunity by applying at Business – Write for us. Besides, ensure to create an outline beforehand. This way you will save your time and stay focused as well.

  1. Short Sentences and Paragraphs

The shorter, the better. Avoid putting too much into one sentence. Short sentences are easier to comprehend and understand by readers. No one likes reading a long and boring story. Therefore, make your sentences short but impactful, as this is what even you as a reader would appreciate.

Moreover, short paragraphs are manageable and create a visually appealing layout on the page. In academic writing, it’s quite the opposite. However, in less formal writing, short paragraphs are the norm. 

  1. Review and Edit

Before handing your draft to a professional editor, take some time to review and edit your work. You’ll spot and learn from your mistakes. Proofreading the story should be the first step in the editing process. Next, focus on your word selection and sentence structure. 

Eliminate unnecessary or repetitive information. Moreover, review your work from a reader’s point of view and you’ll know where you need improvement. Make sure to cross-check any facts and figures that you have provided in your articles. So tighten your writing, improve your style, and start writing today.


While you’re trying to be a better writer, you must know how to be direct and clear with your words. Besides, you must develop a way to engage readers. Read books from famous authors and notice the tone and writing style. Take inspiration from your favorite writers, learn how they create their style, and try to do the same with your writing. 

In conclusion, the key rule to a better style is to write and keep on writing. The practice is what makes you perfect. Gradually with practice and time, you’ll become an impactful writer.