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When Sutan’s Child Died, Everyone Blamed Me. Did the Star Take the Child’s Life? Told the Truth in the Video

Sirata Yaseen

Everyone knows about the YouTuber star Yasin that his husband remarried who was his cousin and now they both recently had a baby who did not survive for more than two days and died in this world. Gone from After his death, Satara’s family accused him and someone said that the child was killed by Satara, who did not want Kausar to have children because she is his stepmother. While making a video on similar allegations, the star said:

“I told Kausar to go to a good doctor in Karachi, she went to the village of her own accord and approached the doctors there. Me and my children were overjoyed to see Kausar’s baby. Why should I not be happy, I have 3 children myself. Only a mother can understand the pain of a mother. When the child was born, everyone was sitting on their laps, I said that the child is not crying, show it to the doctor. , ask. I myself was with him in the last time. It is very easy to blame anyone but we must realize that honor, humiliation and life and death are in the hands of my God, then how can anyone blame a human being. can do? “

Video Source – Youtube.com

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