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Best Waterbed Mattresses – Top Picks And Buyer’s Guide

Waterbed Mattresses

Back in the eras of the 20th century waterbeds came into use. Having a continuous request in the market it feels great to tell you that the command for waterbeds is still on. Everyone likes to have sensations of lying on the bed that give you comfort.

Waterbeds – Types

The very first thing we should acknowledge is about the types of waterbeds. There are two types of waterbed- Hard side waterbeds and soft side Waterbeds. 

Hard side  has a chamber to store in water. These heavy and space taking beds are cheap. On the other hand, soft side waterbeds look like the normal mattresses but have stuffed foam and fibre which makes them expensive.

Before we proceed more about waterbeds it is important to know about the  designs of waterbeds , which are firstly- free-flow,secondly- semi-waveless and third- waveless designs. Free flow beds have smoothly rising and falling waves sort of movements as if you were actually sleeping over a sea bed. But, semi waveless has a lesser action of movements if compared to free flow. Waveless designs, as the name suggests, dismantle any motions or fluctuations.

Hard and Soft Waterbeds

Waterbeds are actually vinyl waterbed mattresses filled with aqua. As we already discussed some facts related to the types of waterbeds, now it’s time to know some more about it.. 

Hard side waterbeds are wooden structures just like a storage box in which one may find singular or many smaller tubes. But soft sided waterbeds are very loved amongst young consumers.

You must be thinking why soft sided waterbeds are a step ahead of hard sided waterbeds, the reason behind such cause is standard size linens and which completely benefits the users.

Waterbed Mattress Over A Normal Mattress

Spine- and its pains are worstly rigorous. It  helps in giving out weights evenly for night sleep to lessen the pain. It is very useful for consumers who are bed ridden and paralyzed because the undulations in bed do not result in creating sores.

The most common query for waterbeds for customers  is how do they set up and remove an old waterbed mattress. The water bed weights may rise approximately 2000 pounds in which around 250 gallons of water are required. As spoken earlier about vinyl waterbeds it has an average lifespan of 10-15 years. But after ages it starts to leak and is fragile.

Benefits Of A Waterbed Mattress

  • During winters waterbeds may sound very harsh but instead it may be heated to give you a wonderful sleep during cold weather.
  • It protects you from back and spinal pains. It reduces pain easily because it distributes body weight evenly. It reduces muscle and joint pressure.
  • For keeping your mattress clean all you have to do is scrub the vinyl liquid to keep the shiny exterior shinier.
  • The moment the user lies over the mattress it configures its shapes bringing a comfortable sleeping experience.

Consequences Of Waterbed Mattresses.

  • If ever the consumer feels to re-decorate his room then we assure that the waterbed mattress is the best one.
  • It has some maintenance pre-requisite like daily use of water or vinyl cover or conditioning its leakage patches.
  • Unknowing leakages can turn up as worst scenarios in a waterbed mattress. If any impalement occurs then obviously water starts to leak and in such conditions if anything obligatory is kept beside the bed then it may be destroyed.
  • The bedsheet may easily slip off from the mattress.

Tips To Keep Waterbed Mattress Pollutant Free

Water stored in containers for years may be heard like havoc of algae and fungus but with good care nothing seems impossible. Vinyl is a disinfectant liquid which cleans the outer surfaces of the bed. But if any day by mistake also if the bed gets transfixed then vinyl kit locks the mattress leakages.

Comparing With Other Recyclable Mattress

Talking about recyclable mattress, latex mattress wins the game by providing a high wearing material. It can be indestructible and at reasonable prices.

The Structure of Latex mattresses may seem very lightweight and long lasting in the run but waterbed mattresses contours the consumer’s body by giving relief to its pressure joints. Waterbed mattresses provide adequate support giving paramount fluidity.

Latex refuses captivating movement as waterbed mattresses do but Latex does not affect reducing stress of consumers and in fact is the costliest mattress. Whereas, waterbed mattresses give an alluring sleeping experience.

Waterbeds are mattresses filled with aqua. Nowadays a person just needs to fill in tubes or bladders placed in the mattress which is annoyance free. 

Soft sided mattresses keep their shape by a foam enclosing all its sides. And then we have hardside waterbeds which are traditional looking and have shelf type headboards.

Maintaining a waterbed is very easy with applying vinyl and its repair patch. After yearly Maintaining the waterbed mattress it lasts longer. Rearranging the room can be a challenging task because one has to drain water and then again fill it up when work is completed. But it brings benefits like shrinking pain and helping to not create sores on paralyzed patients.

The Bottom Line

Concluding the points, waterbed mattresses are water filled mattresses which helps in contouring consumers body shape and evenly distributing its weight on bed. Not only this but it helps in reducing pain in pressure joints, back pain. It is best suited for paralyzed and bed ridden consumers because of its undulating experience it minimizes chances of having a bed sore. Buyer just has to use vinyl solutions over the bed and even if leakage occurs he can just use a vinyl repair kit to lessen its loss. 

Bringing sea bed experiences in a room with 2 types of waterbed- hard side and soft sided. Both have their own pros to just benefit the users. This mattress if also compared with latex mattress wins the game because latex mattress doesn’t reduce pain just like waterbed does. Waterbed mattress is really suggested for all.

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