Social Media Marketing Influencers

Social Media Marketing Influencers

In today’s world, there are thousands of social media influencers, in variety of categories. Whether it is business, sports, fashion, acting, beauty, learning or any other aspect of social media. 

What is Social Media Influencer?

An influencer is that person who can influence the life of other people. For marketing, brands use any person as a sense of logo. These brands pay the person for promoting their items. In the current days, social media influencing is one of the top rated job a person can do online. You can earn a lot from doing this job. These social media platforms can be Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and many others. 

Top 15 Social Media Influencers in the World:

Now, we are going to discuss the most famous social media influencers and their net worth from this job. By going through this blog, you would have an idea that this job is quite fun and you can earn a lot from social media platforms. Here, these categories are according to an overall point of view, means all the platforms together. This survey has been uploaded by many websites, so let’s have a look to what they say about these influencers:

Number 15:


 A famous American songwriter, dancer, singer, and actress. She occupies 15th standing on the list. She has around 263 million followers on Instagram. Her YouTube subscribers are around 25.5 million, and 1 million on Twitter. She makes it to the list because of her crazy fan following. She is one of the most demanded social media influencers. Many popular brands have taken her as their ambassador for their promotions. 

Number 14:

Jennifer Lopez

This 53 years old woman is one of the popular singer in the world. She is an American singer, actor, songwriter and influencer. Who is not aware of this name, as it is not just a name but a complete brand. Her followers are 347 million and counting. Her YouTube subscribers are around 16 million. many fashion designers have assigned her as their ambassador and she is one of the well-known influencer on the social media. 

Number 13:


A popular name in the music industry for sure. Known as “Queen of Latin Music”. Shakira is popular not only in the states but in the entire world. She has millions of followers on Instagram, Twitter, and even YouTube subscribers. She belongs to Columbia but the whole population of the world knows her for the best work she has done till now. Her Instagram followers are around 78.2 million. With all these followers, she is regarded one of the best social media influencers of all time. 

Number 12:


Neymar is a Brazilian footballer. One of the best athletes and having a crazy fan following around the globe. With an Instagram fan following of around 201 million, he is the best option for marketing industry for promotions for different stuff. From cars, watches and fashion to clothes, he is one of the best social media influencers. He has an infinite type net worth because of the huge fan following. 

Number 11:

Lionel Messi 

Messi is a popular name of the sports category. You can see him as an influencer on Instagram and many other platforms for different products’ promotions. He has Instagram followers of 400 million plus. 

Number 10:

Kim Kardashian

A well-known name of fashion and Hollywood. Many of her fans look up to her for the way she represents herself and the way she has made a place in the fashion industry. She is a popular American socialite and social media personality. She is daughter of the famous businesswoman Kris Jenner. 

Number 9:


A famous Barbadian singer and businesswoman, she is one of the best influencer in the world of fashion and entertainment. With 139 million followers on Instagram. She has a name of badgirlriri on Instagram. She is an influencer of different brands and the marketing agencies have a lot of contracts signed with her. 

Number 8:

Kylie Jenner

A popular name in fashion, business and social media personality. She has 377 million followers on Instagram. She is one of the top-rated social media influencers on different social media platforms. 

Number 7:

Katy Perry

A popular songwriter, actress and musician. She has around 186 million followers on Instagram. 

Number 6:

Dwayne Johnson

Known as THE ROCK, who is not aware of this man! He is one of the best influencer as because of his crazy fan following. You can see him in promotions of different brands and platforms. This American actor has around 357 million followers on Instagram. 

Number 5:

Taylor Swift

An American singer and songwriter with millions of followers. She is not just a celebrity but a name of a brand. She is one of the best social media influencers. 

Number 4:

Selena Gomez

An American singer with 368 million followers on Instagram. She is ambassador of many projects and brands. Many brands use Selena Gomez as a label for their promotions. 

Number 3:

Ariana Grande 

An American singer with around 398 million followers. She is a popular influencer with crazy fan following that can be used for her success and a brand’s success. 

Number 2:

Justin Bieber 

Who is not aware of Justin Bieber. A boy who when he was a very small kid and he ruled on the music industry. From such a small age till now, he is everyone’s favorite. This Canadian singer has around 372 million followers on Instagram which makes him a top-class influencer for all the people. The marketing agency pays billions for even tiny paid commercials or even just a single post. 

Number 1:

Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the popular, richest, and loved athlete. He is loved by small kids to adults. With Instagram followers of around 531 million followers, he is on the top of the list. He is the all-time best option for marketing of fashion or sports industry. He has billions of fans who look up to him. 

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