Who Is Shaun T’s Husband? – An Introduction To Scott Blokker

Shaun T's Husband

Early Life

Shaun T is an inspirational and motivating fitness trainer, but many people don’t know the man behind him – his husband, Scott Blokker. From his childhood in Canada to his successful career and meeting Shaun T, Scott is an amazing individual who is certainly deserving of being in the spotlight. Learn all about this special man, his life, and his incredible humanitarian work in this introduction to Scott Blokker, who is famously known as Shaun T’s husband.

Scott Blokker’s Career

Scott Blokker is the successful husband of fitness guru and entrepreneur Shaun T, who is best known for his popular workout program called Insanity. Blokker is also a successful businessperson in his own right, with a long career in the corporate world.

Blokker began his career in the late 1990s working as a customer service representative at a large telemarketing firm. His customer service skills and ability to provide excellent customer service earned him a promotion to a customer service and sales position. Blokker worked in this role for several years and eventually was promoted to a management role, leading customer service and sales teams throughout the United States.

In 2003, Blokker moved to California and took on a position at a large, high-profile technology firm as a senior customer service and sales manager. During this time he was responsible for the customer service, sales and technical support operations for a global customer base. Blokker successfully increased customer loyalty and customer satisfaction levels, earning numerous promotions and awards in the process.

In 2008, Blokker was hired as the Chief Operating Officer of a software and technology company. During his tenure in this role, Blokker was instrumental in developing and launching a new software platform, increasing sales and profits for the company. He also oversaw the development and implementation of a customer service platform, resulting in increased customer satisfaction levels and customer loyalty.

Blokker currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Customer Service at a large security and defense firm, where he is responsible for the overall operational and customer service operations of the firm. From developing customer service policies and procedures, to overseeing customer service operations, Blokker has been instrumental in helping the company reach its customer satisfaction goals.

With an impressive career in the corporate world, Scott Blokker certainly proves to be a successful and talented business leader. His ability to successfully lead customer service and sales teams, develop and launch products, and increase customer satisfaction levels has unquestionably contributed to the success of both his current and past employer. Blokker’s success and professional accomplishments are truly inspiring and serve as motivation for many to strive for success.

The Move to Los Angeles

Scott Blokker and Shaun T’s relationship began in 2008 when the pair moved to Los Angeles from their respective native states of Wisconsin and New Jersey. At the time, Shaun T was just starting out in the fitness industry. Inspired by his own personal journey and success, he began offering fitness and nutrition advice to others. He soon became an in-demand fitness instructor in Los Angeles, and his career took off.

During this period, Shaun T and Scott Blokker were already a couple. Scott Blokker, who is a successful lawyer and business owner, was a strong support system for Shaun T as his career progressed. Eventually, the couple was ready to take their relationship to the next level and tie the knot.

In 2009 Shawn T and Scott Blokker got married in Los Angeles. Since then, the couple has lived in Los Angeles, where they continue to thrive.

Shaun T has praised his husband for his unwavering support and love, crediting him as a major factor in his success. With Scott Blokker by his side, Shaun T has been able to focus on pursuing his dreams and achieve success in the fitness industry. Together, Shaun T and Scott Blokker have created a loving and enduring marriage that is going strong after 12 years.

Meeting Shaun T

Meeting Shaun T’s husband Scott Blokker for the first time is like meeting the most open-hearted and supportive person in the world. He is the kind of person who makes others feel comfortable and at ease in his presence. His infectious enthusiasm and energy are what make him so great.

Scott Blokker is a personal trainer and health enthusiast who shares the same passion for fitness as his husband. He is passionate about helping others reach their goals through exercise and nutrition. When Shaun T decided to break out into the fitness industry and become a personal trainer, it was Scott who he asked to be his partner in crime.

In addition to his own career, Scott is also the backbone of Shaun T’s success. He is the one who provides guidance, support, and advice to Shaun T. He is always there to help him reach his goals and to provide motivation. He is also a great sounding board for ideas and has been seen giving Shaun T useful feedback and tips after each workout.

Aside from his passion for fitness, Scott also loves spending quality time with his family. He is an avid reader, enjoys relaxing outdoors, and is also an advocate of healthy eating. He has even been known to cook up some delicious meals for Shaun T and their family.

In short, Scott Blokker is the most supportive, inspiring, and loving partner Shaun T could ever have. He is the one who helps him stay focused and motivated to reach his fitness goals. Despite their busy lifestyle, Scott takes the time to make sure the two of them are always connected. He is the perfect example of how two people can build an amazing relationship that is supportive and uplifting.

Marriage and Family Life

Scott Blokker is the husband of Shaun T, one of the nation’s most popular fitness professionals. The two tied the knot in 2012 and have been together ever since. Scott Blokker is a businessman and entrepreneur who runs his own real estate business. He and Shaun T have two children together, a son, Silas, and a daughter, Sanders.

Scott and Shaun have a loving and supportive marriage. On their Instagram pages, they often share pictures of their family and sweet messages about their relationship. They are also active in their fitness and health, often posting pictures of each other working out or enjoying nature.

When it comes to parenting, Scott and Shaun are fully committed. They prioritize their children’s health and education, believing in the importance of a good foundation in both areas. They are also committed to providing a loving, safe home for their children.

Scott and Shaun have also found ways to stay connected in their marriage. They are both committed to physical and mental health, often encouraging each other to stay active and healthy. They also take time to enjoy each other’s company, whether it’s a dinner out or a quiet day together.

Scott and Shaun’s marriage is a testament to their commitment to each other and their family. They have built a strong foundation of love and support that will last a lifetime.

The Blokker-T Wedding

In October 2013, fitness mogul Shaun T married his long-time partner Scott Blokker in a stunning outdoor ceremony in California. The two had been engaged for a year before finally tying the knot in front of family and friends. The couple’s wedding was one of the most talked-about ceremonies in recent times and it certainly set the bar high for fitness-loving couples around the world.

The Blokker-T wedding was held at a beautiful outdoor venue in Los Angeles, California. The luxurious ceremony was nothing short of spectacular. The bride wore a gorgeous ivory gown with crystal-embellished detailing, with her hair styled into a classic updo. The groom wore a classic black tuxedo and the bridal party was dressed in matching floral gowns. There were even choreographed dance routines performed by Shaun T and Scott Blokker’s friends, ensuring that the wedding was truly a memorable occasion.

In attendance was a selection of Shaun T’s close friends, many of whom are also fitness professionals. The couple celebrated with a four-course meal, as well as a selection of appetizers, drinks and desserts. After the ceremony, the couple took a romantic honeymoon to Hawaii, where they have continued to post photos of their blissful marriage.

Together, Shaun T and Scott Blokker are a strong and loving couple, proving that you don’t need to be an Instagram influencer or a professional athlete to find true love. The two make a fantastic pair and continue to inspire those around them to follow their dreams. Their unique story and amazing ceremony will be sure to inspire many more couples in the future.

Their Children

Shaun T and Scott Blokker have two children together, Sander Vaughn and Silas Rhys.

Sander Vaughn Blokker was born on November 18th, 2011, and is the couple’s first child. Shaun and Scott have been very open about how much joy he brings to their lives, often sharing photos and stories on their social media. He loves sports and is a big fan of the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Blokker family welcomed their second child, Silas Rhys, in October 2014. He has become a real source of joy for the couple, too. Shaun often talks about how he’s so in love with his son, calling him “the best part of my day”. He’s also a very active kid, who loves playing soccer and fishing with his dad.

Both Sander and Silas have inherited their parents’ creative streak and passion for fitness. They often join Shaun and Scott in the studio for his workouts and can be seen cheering him on during his online classes.

Shaun and Scott are very proud of their children and do their best to give them the best life possible. The family loves going on adventures together, such as sailing, camping, and exploring the outdoors. The couple is also very active in their community, often volunteering for charities and fundraisers.

The Blokker family is the epitome of a modern, close-knit family that is full of love and laughter. It’s clear that both Shaun and Scott are dedicated parents and are doing their best to ensure that their children have the best life possible.

Humanitarian Work

Scott Blokker, husband of fitness guru and motivational speaker Shaun T, is a humanitarian. His dedication to helping others is evident in his various charitable contributions and endeavors.

Blokker has partnered with several organizations throughout his life in order to bring aid to those less fortunate. For example, he is an avid supporter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and has helped organize several fundraising events for the organization. In addition, he has partnered with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and has spoken on multiple occasions about the importance of helping those in need.

Aside from his involvement with various organizations, Blokker has also made personal contributions to various charities. He and Shaun T have founded the Face Every Challenge Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to families and individuals in need. The organization works closely with local resources to ensure that everyone who needs help is given the support they need.

Blokker is also an advocate for LGBT rights, advocating for marriage equality and speaking out against hate crimes. He recently partnered with The Trevor Project, an organization dedicated to protecting the mental health of LGBT youth. Additionally, he has also partnered with the Human Rights Campaign in order to help create a more inclusive and equitable society.

Through his humanitarian efforts, Scott Blokker continuously demonstrates his compassion and commitment to helping those in need. His dedication to supporting the less fortunate and speaking out on behalf of marginalized groups is commendable and has earned him the admiration of millions of people around the world.

The Shaun T Fund for Autism Awareness and Education

One of the most influential fitness trainers in America, Shaun T, has been inspiring millions of people to get in shape and stay healthy for over a decade. Behind every great man, there is a great woman – and in Shaun’s case, an even greater one. That woman is Scott Blokker, Shaun’s husband and biggest support system. In addition to helping Shaun with his fitness empire and running his household, Scott is also the driving force behind the Shaun T Fund for Autism Awareness and Education.

The Shaun T Fund for Autism Awareness and Education was established in 2016 with the mission of increasing awareness, acceptance, and understanding of autism by providing educational resources, programs, and services to families living on the autism spectrum. Through the fund, Shaun and Scott aim to give those affected by autism access to quality care and to help them lead healthy, productive, and meaningful lives.

The fund supports various initiatives including scientific research and clinical programs, occupational therapy, social initiatives, community outreach, and advocacy. It has also provided scholarships and fellowships for individuals to pursue their college education as well as financial assistance for families affected by autism.

Shaun and Scott strongly believe that a person’s diagnosis should not define them. Instead, they believe that individuals with autism should be encouraged and supported during the journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Their efforts have already positively impacted thousands of families and continue to do so.

Through the Shaun T Fund, Shaun and Scott strive to provide a better future for those with autism and to make the world a better place for everyone. With their passion and determination, they are sure to make a lasting impact on the autism community.

Charity Events Hosted By the Blokkers

Scott Blokker, the husband of fitness celebrity Shaun T, is an avid philanthropist who makes it his mission to give back to the community. He and Shaun set up several charity initiatives, but the one that stands out the most is the events they organize every year.

Every year, the couple hosts three charity events to benefit organizations such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Through these events, they aim to raise awareness and funds for these worthy causes.

The first event held by the Blokkers is the ‘Go Big Charity Golf Tournament’. This event is held in partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and funds raised benefit the organization. The event is held in the spring, and features golfers of all levels, who come together to support the cause.

The second event they host is the ‘Shaun T Superhero 5K Run/Walk’. Participants can walk, run, or even fly to the finish line. The event is also held in partnership with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and all proceeds go towards supporting the organization’s life-saving research and treatments.

The third and final event is the ‘Mental Health Awareness Brunch’, which is in partnership with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Money raised from this event goes towards providing mental health services and support to those who need it.

All of the events held by the Blokkers are organized to create a positive impact on the community. Not only do these events raise funds for important causes, but they also bring people together for a common cause. So if you’re looking for a way to give back, why not join one of the Blokkers events and make a difference?

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