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Sajal Ali Will Now Be Seen in the Role of Fatima Jinnah


Famous Pakistani actress Sajal Ali will play the role of Madar Millat Fatima Ali Jinnah in the upcoming series.

According to media reports, the story of the film is based on the events of the independence of Pakistan and the partition of India, its writer and director is Daniyal K Afzal. Social media influencer Dananir Mubeen, Samia Mumtaz along with Sundus Farhan will also be seen playing various roles in this film.

According to reports, the said series will consist of 3 series. In the first season, Fatima Jinnah’s childhood, youth and the conditions of India before the establishment of Pakistan will also be shown, in the second season, Sajal Ali will be seen.

The report further states that each season of this series will consist of 15 episodes while the first episode of the series is likely to be released on August 14 this month.

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