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“Sajal Will Not Be Slapped, as Small as She Looks, Her Hand is Heavy”

"Sajal Will Not Be Slapped, as Small as She Looks, Her Hand is Heavy"
Image Source - TodayIndiavoice.com

Actor Syed Gibran has advised people that he will never slap actress Sajal Ali because her hand is very heavy.


In the web show, Syed Gibran narrated an interesting story of a play in which Sajal Ali played the lead role along with him.

The actor said that ‘there was a scene in which Sajal had to slap me, director Yasir Nawaz said let’s get ready for the shot now’.

The actor said, ‘As soon as I turned around, Sajal slapped me hard, that slap was such that it shook me completely, Yasir Nawaz sitting on the seat laughed and laughed, he called me and said look at this scene, I am this. How can I believe that such a small girl is hitting you, if you stay in your place?’

According to Syed Gibran, ‘I saw the scene that Sajal was so short and I was so tall, as soon as she slapped me, I was shaken like a child, I said, Yasir Bhai, his hand is very strong’.

The actor said that ‘Later Yasir said now it is not known that his hand is heavy, go and now be ready’.

At the same time, Gibran warned the fans that ‘Sajal will never be slapped, the smaller she looks, the more heavy handed she is’.

It should be noted that Syed Gibran has admitted during the same show that actresses Sajal Ali and Saba Qamar are his favorite actresses.

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