Masha Allah My Son is a Hafiz Quran, the Rewards of Memorizing the Quran That Everyone Should Be Proud to Know

Masha Allah My Son is a Hafiz Quran

Many people say that the Qur’an is the holy book of Muslims, but it is a fact that just as our beloved Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was sent as a mercy to the world and his mercy was not limited only to Muslims but to the whole world. In the same way, the Holy Qur’an is a book of guidance in which there is guidance for every person. The only requirement is the sight that is required to receive guidance from this book.

Rewards of Memorizing the Qur’an

Both reciting the Qur’an and memorizing it are blessings, but memorizing the thirty verses of the Qur’an orally and memorizing it forever is the cause of many degrees – in the light of the hadiths, what does the person who memorizes the Qur’an do? Today we will tell you what rewards are available-

1: Levels Rise in Religion and World

The meaning of a hadith narrated in Tirmidhi is something like this: Whoever loves the Qur’an will be rewarded on the Day of Judgment – for reading the Qur’an and memorizing it in the world and for honor in the world. They are able, that is, according to this hadith, we can say that the one who reads the Qur’an will not only get the reward for reading it on the Day of Judgment, but also in this world, he will be honored with honor and respect – in the same way in Abu Dawud. It is the Prophet’s decree that the one among you who knows and remembers the most of the Qur’an is entitled to become an imam.

2: There Are Angels With Hafiz Quran

According to the meaning of a hadith narrated in Sahih Bukhari, a person who recites the Qur’an and memorizes it at the same time will be with the angels of heaven, and a person who memorizes the Qur’an through hard work and effort. There is a double reward for him – according to this hadith, Allah loves the one who memorizes the Qur’an, so the angels are made equal with him, and the more difficult one memorizes the Qur’an, the greater the reward.

3: Saves from Hellfire

There are many verses in the Qur’an that protect us from the fire of hell, the temptations of the Dajjal, the torment of the grave and worldly whispers – memorizing the Qur’an is just as if someone had taken the Qur’an into his heart and the heart The fire of Hell cannot reach the heart of the Qur’an. It is proven from the hadiths that the person who remembers Surah Al-Kahf will be protected from the temptation of the Dajjal near the Day of Judgment. They were protected from this fitna – in the same way, the recitation of Surah Al-Mulk every night before going to sleep protects a person from the punishment of the grave.

4: Hafiz Will Have a Crown on the Head of Quran

On the Day of Resurrection, when no one will recognize anyone, except the sun will be on a spear and its heat will be so hot that the skulls will be melting – in this world, according to the hadith of the Prophet, the head of the Hafiz of the Qur’an will be the shadow of the Qur’an, which will make him this. It will protect from the heat, but this Quran will also put a crown on the head of the Hafiz of the Quran by recommending it to Allah.

5: Hafiz Qur’an as a Source of Forgiveness for His Parents

The Hafiz of the Qur’an gets so much favor and rank in the sight of Allah that after that he will not only be able to forgive himself on the Day of Judgment, but he will also be able to cause his parents to recommend their forgiveness.

Although memorizing the Qur’an is not such an easy task, the rewards after it are so great that they eliminate all difficulties.

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