Fictional Character from Shrek – Lord Farquaad

Lord Farquaad

We all would have definitely watched Shrek in our childhood time. Who cannot remember the amazing characters of this animated movie!

Yes, we are talking about the green skinned ogre who is on a journey with his donkey friend to rescue Princess Fiona from a tower. This storyline changed the stereotype of handsome heroes and their beautiful princesses. As this story consisted of ogres while the entire movie revolved around them and their friends. And, we are definitely sure that you would have seen the short statured king who wants to marry Princess Fiona. He is not in love with the princess but only want her kingdom, as she is the only heir to the throne. 

Who is Lord Farquaad?

One of the characters of Shrek is Lord Farquaad. Yes, the short-heighted king who is willing to marry Princess Fiona. He is the main antagonist of the Shrek movie. From his features to his intentions, all add him to the list of audience’s favorite characters of all time. His full name is Lord Maximus Farquaad. 

  • Voice Artist of Lord Farquaad:

Originally, this character is voiced by John Lithgow. 

  • Creators of Lord Farquaad

Terry Rossio, Ted Elliott, Roger S. H. Schulman

Background of Lord Farquaad

He comes into the story with the title of Lord. He is a ruthless and cruel tyrant of Duloc. Duloc’s towers are the ones where Princess Fiona has been imprisoned and now someone will come to rescue her from the spells on her. It is not shown in the animated movie, but Lord Farquaad maybe behind all this scene of the towers and spells. He is about 569 years old, born in the year 1451. 

Physical Appearance of Lord Farquaad

He has a short stature, with a straight banged haircut, sharp edged face structure, and a poisonous type personality.  His viciousness appears clearly on his clever face. He has a height of only 4 feet and 6 inches, and a weight of 43kg only. This makes him look quite funny in the movie. The eye color seems blue-greenish in the movie; from the close-up scenes we can have an idea of the color. 

Lord Farquaad’s Dressing

The king of Duloc is most seen in red and black clothing. He wears a red top with a red cape and a red hat. His black sleeves are seen from underneath his red dress. 

Lord Farquaad’s Personality

Lord Farquaad is ravenous for power. He wants perfection and power in his life. Despite Fiona’s beauty before being an ogre, he only wants access to her father’s throne. There is no love, care or honesty in his books of rules. 

His Clever Plans Behind Rescuing Princess Fiona

The entire story behind rescuing Princess Fiona is that Lord Farquaad could not rescue her himself, so he makes a deal with Shrek, the ogre and main character of the movie. He is not risking his own life but tells Shrek and donkey to go to the Duloc towers to rescue the princess as a fire spitting dragon guards the towers. As Lord Farquaad wants to send a knight and he gets Shrek, so he is sure the princess would be rescued. He is the favor that Princess Fiona should be brought before sunset and kissed by him before the sun sets in. But what happens that Princess Fiona is rescued by Shrek but she is not kissed within the time duration. After having the kiss after sunset, Princess Fiona transforms into an ogress. Lord Farquaad rejects her and orders to imprison her. Before such a thing happens, the dragon, donkey, and Shrek protects the princess from Lord Farquaad. The fire spitting dragon engulfs the king and the people are happy to know the king is no more. This happens because of his cruelty in the entire kingdom. The people did not want him to be the king. After this incident, Princess Fiona falls in love with Shrek and they both get married. 

Other Appearances of Lord Farquaad

Lord Farquaad has even appeared in other Shrek movies, but those are either flashbacks or narrations. There you get to see him with all his ruthlessness and devilish nature. The movies are

  • Shrek The Third

Here Lord Farquaad appears in Gingy the Gingerbread Man’s flashbacks. 

  • Shrek Forever After

Here he appears in the reused footage form the first film during the credits that appear at the end. 

  • Sacred Shrekless

Although he is eaten by the dragon in the first film, Lord Farquaad plays a role in a TV show named as Halloween’s special Sacred Shrekless. 

  • In Video Games

All those video games which are based on Shrek’s movies, has the cameo of Lord Farquaad. Why should he not be there, after all he is Shrek’s most popular and oldest enemy. 

True Life Inspiration for the Character

The character of Lord Farquaad is mostly likely to be taken from many inspirations.

The first one holds to be Walt Disney’s CEO Michael Eisner, who had a rivalry with his co-worker Jeffrey Katzenberg. The bitter personality and even facial appearance of Lord Farquaad seem alike to Michael Eisner. 

The second one is that the personality and appearance of Lord Farquaad adds a touch of Napoleon, Joseph Stalin, Hideki Tojo and some add-ons of Adolf Hitler. These are big and famous names in the history of tyrants. Lord Farquaad is not less than them, through his ruthless personality he proves it in the entire movie. 

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