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Kamini Roy: 7 Facts About Famous Bengali Poet

kamini roy

People always get inspired by the poetry and articles that are written with deep thoughts, experience, and ideas. Kamini Roy was a Bengali educator, poet, and activist who was born on 12 October 1864. She grew up in a prominent family. Her brother was elected as Mayor of Calcutta, and her sister was a physician for Nepal’s Royal Family. She had an interest in mathematics; Kamini Roy began writing poetry at an early age. She was an angry feminist, poet, teacher, and advocate during a period when many women weren’t allowed to be educated.

Kamini Roy’s Early Life – Things to Know

Kamini belonged to a comfortable background. Her father Chandi Charan Sen was also a writer and reputed judge. He was also known as the key member of the Brahmo Samaj movement. Roy’s work and advocacy have a strong Bhramo influence just because of her father. Her brother was Nisith who becomes Mayor of Calcutta and sister was working as the physician for the Nepali Royal Family. 

kamini roy

It was also known that she had a great interest in mathematics, but spending a lot of time in her father’s library, she becomes fascinated with Sanskrit. And after that, she builds her interest in poetry. It is also said that she played with poetry at a very young age. As their background was restricted, and not so open, she was the only woman who was mature enough to know what is meaning of second to men. She used her literacy and access as an educated woman to support not only her hard work but the struggle of other women as well.

Education of Kamini Roy

Kamini took admission in college in 1880 and completed her graduation in 1886 with BA honours in Sanskrit. She met Abala Bose there who taught her about feminist. Bose was her senior, who established 200 women’s school in rural areas. She both lives a lot of her life together. They both were encouraging, passionate and active during their tenure. But when they left the group, other members stopped working on it. 

The Teaching of Kamini Roy

After the graduation of Kamini, she released her first book of poem named “Alo O Chhaya” that was published in 1889. At that time she was a teacher at Bethune College. This job was really important for her life to get paid and work for her career. She also taught her students to learn from her writing skills and read her book, as well. In 1894, she got married, and after that, she left the job.

Kamini’s Personal Life

Kamini published her work for five years till her marriage to Kedarnath Roy, and she was 30 years old at that time. In fact, in her region, there were no women who married at this age. Their minimum marriage age was 14. After a huge success and achievements, she gave up on her career because of her children. When she was asked why she left her career, she said, “My children are my living poem”. After being a mother, she was no longer a writer. Roy returned to writing poetry after the death of her husband in 1909 and the later death of her oldest child.

Advocacy Work of Kamini

After a huge loss, she was depressed. Kamini Roy was motivated by social worker Abala Base to join the movement for women’s suffrage in Bengal. She fights for the women’s liberation, where the group was not enough agreed for women’s education. There she fights for women’s right, and vote the organization like Bangiya Nari Samaj.

Awards and Legacy That Kamini Received

kamini roy
  • Kamini was the president of the Bengali Literary Conference in 1930.
  • Later, she becomes the vice president of Bangiya Sahitya Parishad from 1932-1933.
  • Calcutta University pleased her with the Jagattarini Gold Medal.
  • Some of her writing was translated into English and featured in the book “Talking of Power”.

End of the Life of Kamini Roy

Kamini spent her life by fighting for women’s right to education and vote. She used her power, skills and hard work to raise the voice for women and let women know their role in the society. She was passed in 1933 while staying in Hazaribagh.

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