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Is Arisha Razi’s Husband Her Cousin? What Did the Actress Say About Her Husband?

Is Arisha Razi's Husband Her Cousin

The famous child star of Pakistan showbiz industry, Arisha Razi, who has grown up today and is now married, held a question and answer session with her fans on Instagram.

In the Question and Answer Session, Arisha Razi Gave Interesting Answers and Some Were Very Surprising.

The First Question Was Asked When Will You Leave, to Which He Replied That Very Soon. A User Questioned That if Your Marriage Took Place Last Year, Did Sarah Sloan Post Your Pictures When the Video Went Viral?

In Response to This Question, Arisha Razi Replied That Sarah Sloan Took Great Care of My Privacy and Kept All the Photos With Her Until I Gave Her Permission to Post Them.

In the Question and Answer Session of the Actress, an Interesting Question Was Asked That is Your Husband Your Cousin? To Which the Budding Actress Replied That No She is Not My Cousin.

It Should Be Noted That the Videos of Arisha Razi’s Marriage Went Viral on Social Media, After Which the Actress Expressed Her Anger Over the Leaked Photos.

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