If You Want to Save Your Job, Don’t Do These Things… Things You Should Never Do in the Office

Save Your Job

No matter how competent, hardworking and conscientious an employee you are, sometimes small mistakes or omissions in the workplace can cause you a lot of trouble – but if you make certain things a routine in your life, you may find that There can be a lot of convenience at the workplace and at home as well. Let us tell you which are the phrases in the office that you can make a lot easier for yourself by changing them a little.

I Can/ I Try

In the workplace, too many people are too self-confident or too hasty to do things they may not be qualified to do, which can sometimes lead to unpleasant results and shame you for failing. – But if you say I try, you won’t feel shame if you fail and you will get praise if you succeed – but if you use the wrong phrase, you risk more damage. Will be.

It is Not Possible / It May Happen

No matter who the boss is, the word impossible is absolutely unbearable, never use the word impossible up front, but if the boss says something that is difficult, support that it can be done and there is no harm in trying. Because if you answer in front, the boss will never like you and it will have a bad effect on your work and your personality.

It Won’t Work/ It’s Okay to Try This Idea

Many people in the workplace do not like to give importance to the opinions of others and try to make quick decisions by imposing their own opinions. I don’t mind, but if you immediately say that this idea won’t work, you will lose respect in the eyes of the person in front of you.

You Are Overthinking/ No Need to Worry Too Much

Your words act as a salve and a salve only they need to be used correctly, if a colleague in the office is troubled by a problem, there is no need to tell him that you are overthinking because Doing so may make him resent you, but if you tell him not to worry, the matter will be resolved, the other party may be grateful for your sympathy.

I Can’t Do It / I’ll Try

Often during work we excuse ourselves from a task due to lack of time or excess of work and there is no harm in that but one sentence from you can spoil your relationship on this small matter. If you are disabled in any work, then I can’t do it, instead of saying that I will try, the person in front of you will understand that this work is difficult for you, so your relationship will not be damaged and you will apologize easily. Will do too.

It’s Not a Responsibility / I Can Help

In the office, you may often have to do things that are not part of your responsibility or you are reluctant to do them, but to say bluntly that it is not my job or my responsibility, then this one sentence of yours is your reputation. – But if you do something that is not your responsibility, but morally you say that I can help, then your respect will increase and your value will increase in the eyes of your colleagues.

I’m Sorry

None of us can be expert in everything and wherever there is work, there is room for error and if you make a mistake or someone else’s mistake, take the initiative to ask for forgiveness instead of blaming. Your personality will improve and apologizing will be less likely to spoil the situation, which will relieve you of stress and tension and allow you to concentrate on your work.

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