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How The Children of The Nineties Used to Celebrate Independence Day is Unknown to The Children of The 21st Century

How The Children of The Nineties Used to Celebrate Independence Day

Love for the country is part of the human spirit, this is the reason why people all over the world celebrate the Independence Day of their country with great enthusiasm. Khrush was seen among the children of the nineties regarding the celebration of this day, but it is missing among the children of this era. Today’s kids who are children of the digital age and social media era have limited their every expression of passion to social media and they don’t seem ready to do anything practically compared to the 90’s. Children of the 1990s practically did many things that the new generation seems to be missing out on

1: Preparation of flags

With the arrival of the month of August, children used to start saving their pocket money and after that the money saved from their pocket money was used to buy hundreds of flags and then these flags were used for flour. The flags were prepared and spun into thread – then they were taught that after drying, these flags were carefully wrapped in a special way to decorate their homes, schools and streets on August 13th.

2: The highest flag be ours

From August 1st, hoisting the Pakistani green crescent flag on the roof of the house and watching the flag fly proudly was the biggest hobby of the children of the nineties – bamboos to keep their flag the highest among the surrounding houses. Finding and then tying these bamboos in such a way that they would stand in spite of the wind, no one except the children of that time could know about this – even the elders of the house were in full support in this effort on the far side of the street. Today’s children are not familiar with the pride and joy of standing and waving the green crescent flag over their house.

3: White Shalwar Kameez Salwana

On Independence day wearing white shalwar kameez for boys is mandatory as an Eid day festival and all boys choose white shalwar kameez and girls choose flag color dupatta along with white shalwar kameez on this day. And in the joy of wearing this pair, one would not sleep through the night – this pair of white color would be hung by a cliff and in the morning, the pair would be put on and dressed as if on the day of Eid. 

4: Purchase of colorful badges and bangles

Wearing a green crescent flag badge on the left side of the chest with a pair of white and choosing the badge so that our badge is the most unique and prominent was a favorite among children of that era – girls too. She used to fill her hands with green and green bangles and make special preparations for this happy day by applying henna.

5: Participation in tableau and national song competitions

Nowadays, Independence Day is a public holiday, so schools usually hold the Independence Day function on August 13, whereas in the past, schools were opened exclusively for the flag-hoisting ceremony. used to go and contests of songs, speeches, and tableaus were conducted among the children – so on that day every child had a single slogan on their tongue that Pakistan lives –

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