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How Can Someone Do So Much Injustice to a Human Being, He Was the Grandson of the Messenger of God. Noor Bukhari Wept While Talking About the Karbala Incident


Actress Noor Bukhari, talking about the incident of Karbala, said in the video that: “The prayer is not complete without mentioning the name of the Prophet ﷺ, and at the time of the incident of Karbala, the prayer was not only offered by the Prophet ﷺ, but the oppressors also offered it in front of them. Still, how did they become so cruel that they oppressed the family of the Messenger of God so much. No one knows the truth of this incident better than God, but when they hear this incident, tears come to their eyes, and their hearts break. cries.”

He further said: “The extreme cruelty was done even to a 6-month-old child. On the 7th of Muharram, water was stopped and food was stopped. Why? They were so afraid that Hazrat Ali, who is the lion of God, had an army of 10,000 children.” would easily defeat him, that was probably the reason why the tyrants ended their atrocities before attacking the Prophet’s family.”

Video Source – Youtube.com

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