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Facebook Has Provided a New Opportunity for Users to Earn

Facebook Has Provided a New Opportunity

California: Social media platform Facebook has given users an opportunity to earn through ‘Music Revenue Sharing’.

According to foreign media, the increasing popularity of Tik Tok has also worried Facebook, due to which Facebook is introducing new features and ways of earning for the interest of users in order to stop the declining popularity. can go.

Facebook has introduced a new monetization feature through which content creators will now be able to use licensed music from popular artists in their videos and earn income through these stream ads.

Content creators will be able to use music from famous musicians like Bicep, Leah Cat, Tove Lo and Post Malone in their videos. As a result, content creators and music rights holders will have a new way of monetizing videos.

Music Revenue Sharing is based on Rights Manager, Facebook’s video, audio and match-matching tool. Thanks to this tool, content owners can protect their content from theft etc.

Under this feature, creators of videos will receive 20 percent of the total revenue, while the remaining share will go to Meta, which holds the music rights and is owned by Facebook.

According to Facebook, creators who meet the monetization standards will be able to use the new feature. Initially, US users are allowed to earn through the new monetization tool, but the company says that this feature will soon be rolled out globally. It will also be provided to customers across the country.

According to the social platform, ‘This feature is the first of its kind in the music industry, no other platform provides this facility to its creators.’

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