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Earning Millions of Rupees. How Much Money Are Village YouTubers Earning? See

Earning millions of rupees.

Nowadays village women are also creating their own YouTube channel on social media due to which a new path has opened up for them economically.

In this news of we will tell you about such female YouTubers who made money from YouTube.

The YouTube channel Pak Village Food on YouTube is owned by a woman and her husband from Gaon, on which the woman makes interesting and unique videos of villages, the color, aroma and memories of the villages are reflected in her videos. .

But from this YouTube channel launched in 2021, this female YouTuber is also earning and living a prosperous life. On this channel, husband and wife tell the life of Gaon in a beautiful way.

According to an estimate, the female YouTuber is earning 335 dollars per month, it sounds normal, but this 335 dollars is almost 3 lakhs of Pakistani money. So it can be estimated how much female YouTubers are earning.

Similarly, another YouTuber Rabia Naz of Khairpur is earning through her channel Fashion Addiction, the number of subscribers of this YouTube channel under the name of Fashion Addiction is more than one and a half lakh and she has also received a silver button from YouTube.

Rabia posts all kinds of fashion related videos on her YouTube channel. Hailing from a small village, Rabia has studied up to Intermediate. YouTuber Rabia Naz says that in the beginning the earnings were low, but now I am 40,000 to 50,000.

After Inter, Rabia decided to earn from home, Rabia says why not do something useful at home. Rabia says that the first thing I do is look at different websites to see which brand is preferring what kind of fashion, which brand is doing something unique and which designs are in fashion today.

For all these I make videos, do voice overs and then I edit the videos on software. With the help of YouTube earnings, Rabia played an important role in the construction of her family’s house.

Another such YouTube channel Sani Ishqiya V Logs shares the village life and happy moments, the village greenery, environment, and interesting scenes are shown by the husband and wife on their YouTube channel.

The couple is showing the world the women working in the green fields, the colorful life of the villagers and the picturesque scenes in the fields in a fun way. Videos made with comedy and interesting content are highly liked by users.

Sani Ishqia and his wife make videos about their daily life at home, which are loved by users, which is why their first YouTube earnings came soon. Delighted with his fans, the first earnings were 50 zillion to Rs.

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