After The Death of The Son, The Child is Our Blood, But There is no Place For His Wife.

After The Death of The Son, the child is our Blood, But There is no Place For His Wife.

Companions are needed to live in society. From the first day, Allah Ta’ala had bound man with the rope of relationship and because of this rope, He had planted the center of natural love in the heart of man. The bond of love that binds the husband and wife with a few words of marriage is strengthened by the coming children.

When these parents, who dream of marrying their children, bring their daughter-in-law home, then the relationship of love and relationship begins to crack. The same son who is dearer than life starts to think his wife mother as his biggest enemy-

Cause of quarrel between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law

There is no doubt that the main cause of mother-in-law quarrel is a man who is someone’s husband and someone’s son and both women want to win him.

In this war of love, hate does not know where it comes from. But this hatred becomes the biggest reality of the universe and destroys the peace of 80% of the families. The mother-in-law hates the daughter-in-law, but she also loves the children born from her womb, the grandchildren who are also her blood are the heirs of her family. For this reason, despite all the enmity with the daughter-in-law, these children are a piece of her liver.

How is the quarrel after the death of the son?

This story is about one of our dear ones. But this story is not just the story of a girl, but there are countless similar or similar stories scattered around us in our society.

Sadia who got married to Ahmed, there is nothing wrong if this marriage is called a one-sided love. Because of Ahmed’s choice, his parents had to surrender because Ahmed was their only son. She forced her son’s choice to become a daughter-in-law, but she could never tolerate Sadia as a daughter-in-law.

After a few days, Sadia was given hope by Allah and when the first child came to her in the form of a son, she felt that now her mother-in-law’s hatred would decrease.

But despite her immense love for her grandson, she still hated his mother. At the same time, Allah blessed their son with a daughter. With time, as Ahmad and Sadia’s love grew, his mother’s hatred for Sadia deepened.

The accident changed everything

Sadia’s happiness in life was noticed by someone, that’s why one day Ahmed’s bike had an accident while coming from the office and he left his mother, wife and children crying and went away from this world.

The shock of Ahmad’s death was very severe for the mother. It is not easy for any mother to witness the funeral of an only young son. It should have happened at such a time that his wife and children would hold the signs of a son to her chest.

But her hatred for Sadia did not leave her behind even after Ahmed’s death. For so long, she was tolerating Sadia only because of Ahmed, but now even this excuse was over – Ahmed’s mother made Sadia her husband. The very next day after swimming, he pushed you out of the house. What will you do by staying here when the one who brought you to this house is no longer there?

Separation from husband as well as children

Sadia, who was pushed out of the house by her in-laws during the Eid, so that she could not take possession of Ahmed’s property, but at the same time, the second biggest injustice was to take away her innocent children from Sadia. They kept the four-year-old daughter and six-year-old son with them saying that they are our blood, you did not bring them with you from Meke.

Apathy of society

The weakest level of faith, according to the hadiths, is that a person watches the disease happen and does not try to prevent it. Everyone saw this story of cruelty to Sadia, everyone saw her crying and pushing her out of the house, but no one tried to stop her because Ahmad’s family is rich and influential people.

How many such incidents often pass in front of our eyes which are against the religion on the one hand and against the country’s law on the other hand, but unfortunately the law is now only for the rich and powerful-

Question from society!

Didn’t our Prophet command to treat orphans and widows well? After the death of the son’s widow’s son, all relations with the in-laws are broken – are the children of the blood of the father-in-law, their mother has no right over them? There are many such questions around us but we ignore them because we are not ready to find their answers.

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