It is Not an Architect’s Marvel but a Mason’s Masterpiece… The Grand Glass Domed Mosque Whose Beauty Captivates Anyone.

Grand Glass Domed Mosque

On the authority of Hazrat Jabir, may Allah be pleased with him, the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said: Whoever builds a mosque for the sake of Allah, even if it is the size of an eagle’s nest or even smaller than it, Allah will He will make his home in heaven.

3: Narrated by Ibn Majah in Al-Sunan, Book of Mosques and Congregations, Chapter: From God’s Building a Mosque, 1/244, number: 738, and Ibn Khuzaymah in the Sahih, 2/269, number: 1292.

Muslims living all over the world build mosques for worship, where they prostrate before Allah five times, pray and make alms, but there are some mosques that are also a high example of architecture, which are seen by the builders. Ji wants to say Subhan Allah spontaneously on skill and workmanship. One such beautiful mosque is established in India which is famous for its beauty.

Medina Mosque

A unique mosque is located in the Laban area of ​​Shillong, the capital of the Indian state of Meghalaya. Its name is Medina Mosque. The special thing about this mosque is that its domes and minarets are made of glass. Not only local people come to pray in this mosque, but people from outside the area also come here and cannot stay without appreciating its beauty.

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Construction of a Mosque

The foundation stone of the glass-domed Madina Masjid was laid on 2 November 2007 while it was jointly inaugurated on 18 October 2012 by the then Union Minister for Minority Affairs and Law Salman Khurshid and Union Minister of State for Minority Affairs Vincent Pala. . Another amazing thing about this mosque is that there was no architect in the construction of the mosque while local masons have built it.

Tourist Attractions

There is a very beautiful glass dome and minaret above the Medina Mosque. This mosque is a masterpiece of modern architecture. The one-of-a-kind mosque in India has become a major tourist destination that attracts people from different parts of the country to see it. Every year on the occasion of Eid, the domes of the mosque are illuminated throughout the night. Fireworks are also performed.

College and Library

Madinah Masjid is 120 feet high, it is the first and only mosque in India with glass dome and minarets. It not only offers prayers, but also has an Islamic institute, an orphanage and a library attached to the mosque, while there is a separate arrangement for women to pray inside the mosque. A college is also run under the management of this mosque. The name of this college is Amsharpi College. This college is located near the mosque. In this educational institution, students of all religions are receiving education without discrimination. The library not only has various books related to Islamic studies, but also books and magazines are provided for a large number of students and research scholars. Come to use the library.

Lamps on Eid

The festive occasion of Eid enthralls the visitors with the beautiful illuminations at the Madina Masjid and when the dome and minaret of the mosque are illuminated, a large number of people gather in the Eidgah premises to catch a glimpse of it. On the occasion, not only Muslims come to see the dome of the mosque, but people of different religions come to see this attractive sight.

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