10 Things That Are Done Freely in Pakistan but Can Be Known for Doing in North Korea


Kim Jong Un is the dictator of North Korea, he took over the power of North Korea in 2011 after the death of his father. Kim Jong-un is considered to be the cruelest figure in North Korea. It is also known about him that he blew up the defense minister with an anti-aircraft gun while he was sleeping in an official meeting. Kim Jong-un also killed many of his opponents in strange ways. And not only that, but you will be surprised to know that Kim Jong-un has made laws in North Korea that are punishable by severe punishments, even shooting. It is said that these works are not so unique or serious, but these works are done normally in Pakistan.

Hair Cut

Go to any city in Pakistan, you will see different haircuts of people, even people living in the same house will have different hairstyles, but don’t even think of doing that in North Korea. . Because here the government decides what kind of hair you can have. In North Korea, there are 18 styles of haircuts for women and 10 styles for men, in addition to hairdos.

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iPhone and laptop

If you live in North Korea, you can be severely punished for using both of these things.

International phone calls

To prevent foreign conspiracy or interference in North Korea, calling abroad is strictly prohibited and you can be shot for violation. Kim Jong-un executed a suspect who secretly made foreign calls in front of thousands of people.

Foreign films

North Korea has a total ban on watching foreign films and you can be jailed for violating it, you can only watch bars, not movies, and you can be executed for watching or distributing American movies.

Leaving the country

It is almost impossible for North Koreans to leave the country. If a Korean intends to go abroad, their paperwork must be completed, but if they try to go illegally, they are immediately shot.

Foreign tourists

You must be accompanied by a local guide to travel in Korea and can only visit places and routes that you have given permission for and you will be kicked out of the country for breaking away from your group or talking to locals.

Residence in the capital

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world and if you have money, you can shift to Islamabad today, but if you live in Korea, then your most successful, wealthy, to live in the capital. And must be qualified otherwise you may not be allowed to stay in Pyongyang.

TV channels

You can easily watch hundreds of world channels on cable in Pakistan but people living in North Korea are deprived of this freedom and only 3 TV channels are allowed here.

Electricity consumption

When it comes to electricity, every Pakistani’s mind goes to load shedding and these days night load shedding in Pakistan has put the people in serious trouble, but we tell you an interesting fact that in North Korea electricity is shut off at night. Goes and there would be a permit for electrical appliances and the funny thing is that using a microwave to heat food can land you in jail.

Kim Jong’s hairstyle

North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong-un is considered to be a very eccentric person and along with his mysterious and strange personality, his hair also stands out and it is a style reserved for him. Can eat air.

So we have selected 10 points for you but this 11th point is related to the life of every citizen so it has been specially included.

Military service

Army has the biggest role to defend the country and people in many countries including Pakistan live a carefree life because of the army because the army is there to protect the borders, but if you live in North Korea, you have to live in any case. Must be a part of the army. It is compulsory to serve in the army for 10 years for men and 7 years for women.

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