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To Change Myself, I Also Read Tahajjud and Quran. What Did Actress Mathira Say About Obligatory Prayer? Revealed

Actress Mathira

Pakistan’s well-known personality Mathira, who is also a TV host and appears in various programs, recently gave an interview, a few clips of which are going viral on social media.

As her fans from Mathira know that she is a non-Muslim woman, but when she revealed about performing Salat Al-Hajjat ​​and Tahajjud, people were surprised.

Mathira said in the interview that when I wanted to make a change in myself at the age of thirty, I started reading Tahjud.


Mathira said that I have made it a goal that now I will perform 2 to 3 obligatory prayers in a day because I cannot perform 5 daily prayers due to sleeping and working.

Well-known media personality Mathira said that I started reading Quran in English to understand things because reading this book is very important. He said that since my Urdu and Arabic were weak, I started reading the Holy Quran in English.

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