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9 Muharram Processions End Peacefully

9 Muharram Processions End Peacefully

Today, the processions on the occasion of 9 Muharram Al Haram across the country ended peacefully. Strict security arrangements were made on this occasion while mobile phone service was also closed at most places.

Before the processions, light was shed on the life and character of Sayyid al-Shahda Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) and the martyrs of Karbala.

Sables and anchors were also arranged for the mourners in the procession routes, the mourners chanted. Complete security arrangements were made for all the routes of the procession, including the Imambargah.

The main procession of the 9th of Muharram al-Haram took off from the Imambargah in the middle of Ashri G62, the procession passed through traditional routes and ended at the same Imambargah.

The 9th Muharram processions in Hyderabad, Shikarpur, Tandwala Yar and Rohri ended after reaching their destination through traditional routes. In the processions, along with adults, children also paid homage to the martyrs of Karbala.

In Gujranwala, Gujrat, Dina, Sialkot, Kamonki, Pindi Bhatian, mourners shed tears in the memory of Hazrat Imam Hussain and his companions in traditional processions.

In Mianwali, the ancient boat procession of the 9th Muharram al-Haram took place from Imam Bargah Hussainian. Which ended up going through the traditional ways. In Gujarat, milk sable was used in gold vessels.

Processions were taken out in Chiniot, Bhakkar, Sahiwal, Jatoi, Leh, Dera Ghazi Khan, Taunsa, Shahpur to pay homage to the grandson of Prophet Imam Hussain and the martyrs of Karbala.

The 9th Muharram processions in different areas including Shagar, Dera Ismail Khan, and Haripur ended at their destinations through traditional routes.

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